Feminine Feelings

Alright, maybe I went a little bit overboard on the title but what I’m about to share with you is extremely important in relationships and attraction. If you don’t know how to do this properly, it will be very difficult for you to keep the attraction going in a new relationship or even a more seasoned one.

This concept that I’m about to share is so simple, yet so extremely effective. It’s extremely effective – no it’s not a typo, it’s just that important that I had to repeat it twice.

Here it goes…

The following technique is so vital to relationship success that if you completely ignore it, you WILL be labeled as “needy” or “easy”.

Neither term is flattering.

Last week, I actually received an email from a woman thanking me because she had used this technique effectively to bring attraction back into her relationship.

After she had implemented it in her dating life, the guy she was dating took her out to a nice restaurant and created a very romantic evening for her. But the kicker is – he didn’t even live in the same state as her.

What would cause a man to travel across state lines and wine and dine a woman he is dating?

Ok, as I’m writing, I’m thinking of a couple of things that would make a man do that, BUT that wasn’t the reason.

He did it because she implemented the following technique effectively.

It’s simple, it’s called space.

She gave him space.

I remember her contacting me in frustration telling me how the guy she was dating was into her one minute and then when she reciprocated what she felt, he would pull back a little.

If you dated anyone for some time, you know that this happens, even when you are in the relationship with the person.

I actually recommended a book to her that explained how to pull back effectively. It’s one by Sherry Argove, Why Men Love *itches. Most libraries and bookstores carry it, but if you want to read it I suggest you check out or buy yours now, this information gets sent to a lot of women.

The book does a good job on explaining how to pull back and grow attraction effectively. But, if you’re going to pick up this book, I suggest you read it together with Men Made Easy by Kara Oh (available online for immediate download). The reason is this book is heavy on pulling away which sometimes, if done too much can cause a man to pursue other women, because he will deem you as not interested or playing games.

Men Made Easy is going to balance that out perfectly. So when you come back together from pulling away you are giving him the 12 essentials that he needs for him to continue pursuing you, even if you are in a relationship.

This is going to be a powerful combination, so only use it on men you want to fall deep for you.

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