Feminine Feelings

Before trying to conceive, experts advise that couples should undergo some tests  to improve both your chances getting pregnant as well as your chances having a healthy baby.

First, taking folic acid and starting it 1-2 months before conception decreases your risk of a miscarriage and decreases your risk of having a baby with a congenital malformation
Going to see your doctor for a Periconception visit is an important first step. Your doctor will take a history and examine you.
In addition here are some tests you may want to take prior to getting pregnant:

When you first see your doctor for a prenatal visit there are a lot of tests being done.
TTC women are advised to consider having the following tests BEFORE getting pregnant:

Pap Smear
TSH (to check the thyroid gland)
Spermanalysis (to analyse the sperm)
Postcoital test (PCT)
Check Ovulation with the basal body temperature curve (BBT)
Cycle Day 3 tests if problems with TTC
Hepatitis B
Vaginal tests for GC and Chlamydia
Rubella titers
Chickenpox titers
Parvovirus B-19 (Fifth Disease) titers
Cytomegalovirus titers
Toxoplasmosis titers
Type and Rh both partner’s blood
CBC and hemoglobinelectophoresis
Genetic screening (based on ethnicity): such as Sickle Cell Screen, Thalassemia Screen, Jewish Genetic Diseases

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