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20 January, 2011

The much talked about 2011 voter registration exercise is here at last.
The exercise has been marred by technical problems with the Direct Date Capture (DDC) Machines imported for the exercise by The Independent National Electoral Commission INEC.

The machines will make it possible to reduce the incidence of election rigging to the barest minimum if not totally eliminated.

This is a commendable step taken both by the Gooodluck Jonathan Administration and INEC.
However, the problems being experienced by people willing to register should be addressed as quickly as possible to restore confidence in the exercise.

The easiest way to rig this election is by people not registering or being asked to desist from registering by others.
The easiest way a politician could fail in his election bid is by not encouraging his loyalists to register and vote for him.

The era of ballot box hijacking in Nigeria is apparently over.
Even as reports of the DDC Machines being stolen, Hijacked or diverted abound, it is still impossible to influence the outcome of the exercise in so much as the registrant’s photo and finger print must be scanned by the machine.

Every Nigerian from 18 years and above MUST register and vote. Please ensure that your vote counts after election.

To know your nearest registration centre. Click this link, (page will open in a new window or Tab)
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