Feminine Feelings

Jeans (Denims)!  Jean skirts, jean pants (trousers), Jean jackets, Jean caps. The whole works, women like them.

Jeans add a mystique to the feminine aura.

Many consider wearing pants a masculine affair, but we ask if it is possible to look feminine in slacks (denims). The answer is yes. Wearing denims does not detract from your being feminine but the secret is really in how and what you wear it with.

Many women believe that when wearing jeans you should do some the following:

  1. Combine it with a hand bag
  2. Wear it with a pretty blouses or cardigans
  3. Keep your pants simple.
  4. Draw  attention to your face,
  5. Emphasize your blouse
  6. Use brightly colored jewelry.
  7. Avoid shouting coloured jeans (fluorescent green for instance).
  8. Wear heels.
  9. Avoid Tennis shoes especially when you want to convey a serious look.
  10. Avoid large over sized jeans.
  11. When wearing low waist jeans always wear long blouses that will cover your derriere when you bend over or sit down.
  12. Avoid too-tight jeans that cling to and outline all your clefts.

Then walk the walk. Ladies, the walk!. Swing your hips, flaunt your style and stop traffic with your femininity.

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