Feminine Feelings

London’s first naked restaurant – which boasts 46,000 people on its waiting list – opened its doors last night in a secret location in south east London. The head chef of London’s newest out-there dining experience said he hoped that being nude will help diners concentrate on their food and encourage them to ‘try new cuisines’. 

Only open for three months, Bunyadi claims it offers ‘pure liberation’, offering the experience of eating in its ‘purest’ form. But will the £69 tasting menu be the sole thing on everyone’s mind?Two MailOnline journalists meet for the first time – naked – and share their experiences at Bunyadi from a male and Femail perspective.
See photos below:

All of the diners are given a white robe to wear in the bar area and when they are shown into the restaurant, they can choose if they want to take it off or not

Emily found dining with a female companion at the nudist eatery completely comfortable

Emily asked thew friendly waitress if she felt strange working with no top on, but she says it is not awkward and helps other guest relax too

Emily said she felt more naked not having my phone permanently strapped to her hip than being undressed

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