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How to Develop Confidence for Public Speaking

Public speaking is the act of speaking on a particular subject in front of a group of people with the intention of influencing, entertaining or informing the listeners. In order to be a good speaker one must be able to influence people, change their opinion, and get the point across. But the important question is, how does one develop confidence for public speaking?  Of the many public speaking skillso master, this is perhaps the most important & challenging.


Here are some excellent tips for you to successfully become a good public speaker:


    The first and the foremost secret is to be always well prepared for the speech. Be hundred percent sure of your content and know exactly what you are going to say to your audience. And always know a little more than what is on your speech. This way, you gain confidence as you go along because you know what you are talking about.


    Time your speech well. You will be extra confident if you plan exactly when you will start and finish.


    Even if you are a skilled speaker, you are bound to feel nervous sometimes. Don’t worry, stay calm and turn your nervousness into raw energy that you can use while delivering your speech.


   Relax a bit before the speech. Take a few deep breaths through your nose and let the tension melt away.


    Know your audience well and interact with them before starting on your speech. This way you feel better while speaking. And as you spot familiar faces in the audience looking up to you, your confidence increases tenfold.


Remember, stage fright is nothing but a manifestation of our lack of belief in our own self. So tell yourself that you are going to speak really well and you will.


    Focus more on the speech than the audience.


    Also, know the area where you are going to deliver the speech. The more comfortable you are in your surroundings, the more flow your speech is going to have. You will sound a lot more confident and at ease.
Always be energetic and alert while giving a speech as it livens up the atmosphere.  Spectators look up to you as someone who is very sure of what he is speaking.


Your body language defines your personality. So don’t slouch, smile excessively or fiddle with your hair or hands. Be confident and maintain a right posture with your head upwards.


   Remember no one really knows how tensed you might be. So even if you make a mistake or an error, move on and don’t let it break your flow. This will maintain your confidence. Smile and stay focused.


Follow these tips and you will be giving great speeches in no time!

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How to Create a Job You Love

Whether you’re looking to create an entirely new career or just have a more positive perspective on your current job, there are certain strategies that people use that dramatically impact their ability to have work they love.  I’ve worked with many, many people in Landmark Education seminars who have successfully used the simple tips I’m about to share with you to go from “I work to pay the bills” to having a something that has them get up in the mornings eager to get to something they love doing.

Here are three great strategies for jump-starting your new future:

1)    Paint a picture of the life you want

Most people move along in life choosing a career path based on childhood experiences, education or family desires.  While it’s fine to consider the experience and credentials you currently have in your inventory, don’t be limited by them.  Create a picture of what you want your life to look like, then ask yourself what sort of career would contribute to that future unfolding. 

2)  Borrow some other brains

It’s easy to get stuck in habitual ways of thinking, particularly when you’re dissatisfied in your current job or career.  This is when it’s very helpful to be open to the contributions of others.  Share your vision of your life with others, and invite them to brainstorm with you regarding possibilities for new opportunities.  People will put you on to resources, ideas, contacts, and even entire careers you never would have thought of on your own.  You don’t have to do this by yourself –the most successful people in this world are skilled at tapping into the resource that other people are. 

3)  Practice new ways of being   

You might need to step into a bigger pair of shoes. To create a new job, or a new career, you will have to learn to be strong when faced with challenges.  One way to do this is to emulate someone successful you admire, and when the times get tough, ask yourself, what would my hero do?  How would they be being right now – powerful?  Unstoppable?  Bold?  Then be like them. In time, you’ll be who you want to be.

What matters to you?  What gives you a zing?  You really can create a job for yourself that you’re passionate about, that gives you satisfaction.

The biggest difference between those who merely dream, and those who succeed in realizing their dreams, is the ability to think and act in new ways.  When you challenge your existing perspectives, you’re able to access new levels of creativity, which translates into breakthrough results.

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