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Even If He Broke Up With You

how to get back with my ex boyfriendThe hardest part of breaking up is that you have no control over the feelings the other person has for you.

Once you were the number one person in their lives and now they can’t stand you or even worse is your ex is indifferent towards you. – Not caring one way or the other. They have moved on or at least that’s what they are making you think.

When I broke up with a man that I loved, the hardest part was hearing him say things I never thought would be directed towards me. I wasn’t able to have a say in any decisions he made and he was very forward in letting me know.

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A relationship that I once thought would have led to marriage had broken down to the point where our nights were spent yelling at each other and expressing how one person had not understood the other’s point of view.

Breaking up is hard, especially on the weekends. When my mom would go out with my dad on the weekend and my sister with her boyfriend, I was left alone to figure out what to do with my empty weekend which had once been filled with fun things to do with my boyfriend.

I actually started to regret us breaking up even though it was mutual. If you want your ex back, I’m going to share with you exactly what I did to go from my ex saying that he never wanted me to call him again to him asking me out on a date the very next week.

This works whether he broke up with you or if it was a mutual decision. how to get my ex boyfriend backThe first mistake I made was continuing to call and text him. I like to have the last word so I would always text and say additional things that I wasn’t able to say on the phone, which really wasn’t fair because I text 3 times as fast as he does. – – So he was bombarded with texts and not able to respond.

This brings me to my first point if you are calling or texting him, stop now. This only makes things worse with each call or each text. – He will think you are CRAZY. The first thing I had to do was to cool off and stop calling and texting him.

The second thing was very difficult but it is what made the most difference. I had to be ok with the breakup even if there was a chance we wouldn’t be getting back together again.

Once I did this second thing it was easier allowing him his space. I stopped calling and texting completely for an entire week. Lastly, which may seem kind of weird, I wrote him a letter. Think about it, people don’t usually take the time to write these days. A call, a text, or an email is what most people can expect.

I wrote him a hand written letter letting him know that I was ok with the breakup and I understood that both of us needed our space. I also briefly apologized for the hurtful things I said. I have to admit, the letter wasn’t my idea, it’s actually found in the Magic of Making Up System. – I get a review copy for this website, but never thought I would need it myself. I actually refused to promote the product at one point because I thought it was a scam. – Go figure…

But what happened next was worth reading every word in the Magic of Making Up. I got a call from him 3 days after I sent the letter in the mail. He said that he missed me and the next week we were going out to the movies…and he paid.

See my full review on this system, here, The Magic of Making Up Review.

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