Feminine Feelings

“Sex and Money” seem basically to be  the two things that screw up most guys. It seems that these two motivators are so deep in a man’s mind they just cannot get away from them no matter how hard they try. People say Love is not always a great thing nor is lust always a bad thing, but they are always very distinctly different things and we would be wise to notice that no matter if we are the one in love or the fool in lust.

True love is very giving and passionate about helping the other person. They become the other person’s fiduciary, or in other words they look up to and look out for the other person above their own needs. True love gives and keeps on giving without even the hope of return or reciprocation.

On the other hand lust is all about us. Lust is the fire that motivates us to go after the things that we want. Lust is the fuel that gets us up and chasing after our wants and desires. Notice I didn’t say after our needs, because lust very often is not concerned about needs and it is much more concerned about what we want.

You may have noticed that in my description of lust and love I did not once talk about how they make your feel. When you first starting reading this article you might have thought I was going to describe the difference in how it feels to be in love or lust. I can tell you if you are asking yourself that question you are most likely in lust. But that is not the direction I wanted to head with this article because there is a huge part of love and lust that most of us totally miss.

They are verbs! They are doing, action, motion words that indicate that we are going after something. Love and lust as well are actions that we take just as much as they are feelings that we can have. So what types of actions are you seeing from your partner or even in yourself? Take a look at them and compare them to my above descriptions and you will know if you are in love or in lust.

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