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High Chief Sandra Chidinma Duru’s Profile

chief sandra duru

chief sandra duru

Chief Sandra C. Duru was born on the 16th of August 1982 in Lagos State, Nigeria. She is blessed with Children. She had primary and secondary Education in Lagos State, Nigeria. Chief S.C. Duru proceeded to the school of social and human studies where she capped her educational exploit with a Bachelor and Master’s degrees in Psychology from the prestigious Atlantic International University, Hawaii, USA.

Chief Duru is the MD/CEO of the following companies:


Chief Duru is a board member and the African Region president of an American based institution, NOBBLEAFRIQ. She is the Founder/Executive Director of a UN recognised NGO, Pre-Adult Affairs Organisation.

High Chief Sandra Duru has worked as consultant to various government and international agencies such as

  • Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON)
  • Police Women Unit (PWU)
  • Police Service Commission (presidency), Abuja, Nigeria
  • Kulfana Mining Company
  • Rahvet Int’l
  • Shyllon properties
  • African Refugees Foundation
  • African Leadership Forum, etc.

IMG-20150531-WA001She has received over 100 local and int’l awards in recognition of her immense contributions to the overall development of our society with special interest and attention on special widows, orphans, youth, old people and students. Chief Duru has been recognised by some first class Obas and Igwes (traditional rulers) in our society with the conferment of: Agunwanyi, Ada eji ejemba, Ada Ukwu, Adadioranma, yeye Asha from Oba Akran of Badagry Kingdom, South West of Nigeria, yeye Meto, yeye Bobagbimo etc.

Duru Sandra has represented Nigeria as a delegate, resource person,special guest speaker; UN meetings, commonwealth Head of Government meetings (CHOGM) Kampala, Uganda, various commonwealth meetings held in South Africa, Mauritius etc Chief Sandra Chidinma Duru, started as a TV/Radio presenter/producer (personality) and a motivational speaker at a very young age of 17 years.

She was the presenter/originator of the following TV/Radio programmes on MITV/star FM, and other local stations: Case Study-live, Youth Round Table which has metamorphosed into “BEAR IT OUT! With Sandra Duru coming on our television stations soonest. She has written so many published books, documentaries, movies, drama scripts; bloody foot print, golden footprints, beauty behind the crown, on the move, not smart enough, captain condom VS lady abstinence, the time etc.

She is well loved and celebrated amongst the youths, students and old people (senior citizens) within and outside the country as an IRON LADY, INCURABLY NIGERIAN, FEARLESS QUEEN, NATURAL WOMAN etc. Some are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them. In the case of Chief Sandra Duru, she has achieved greatness. A woman of substance who has achieved in her short years in life, much more than most people of her age and older only hope to achieve if given more time. What she has been able to accomplish is nothing short of GENIUS considering her very humble beginnings.

IMG-20150602-WA003Driven by her insatiable hunger for positive change and unwillingness to be just a bystander waiting for the situations that appalls her to change itself or for some imaginary figure to come and someday effect that change she so desires to see… She has systematically charted a course in her life that can effectively appropriate that change in her nation, her generation across the globe, among the youth, old people, mothers, women in general and the less privileged in the society.

Being a stickler for proper analysis, she has over the years taken up relevant courses and attended programmes in different countries around the world. Sandra Duru, is a very tough lady who has dared to be different where most people are unwilling to let go of the norms of the day. She has an almost childlike approach to achieving great results, never giving up where many others before her have hitherto failed in even seeing hope. She does this with a fearless persona that exudes her finest character, ability to focus. Her bitter experiences have changed her disposition to life; instead they have given her renewed vigour to do more, to achieve more instead of dampening her very STRONG SPIRIT.

Sandra Duru is a confirmed GENIUS and she is specially created by our CREATOR. There are somethings about her that needs to be discovered: HER STRENGTH (positive energy) and WISDOM. She has so much untapped potentials and so many Intellectual properties that makes her very uncommon/unique. She is a great woman.


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