Feminine Feelings

Colored lenses can either enhance or completely change the eye color, and they are fun for both everyday and festive. Colored lenses are available in all contact lens types – daily disposable lenses, 14-day lenses and monthly lenses.
FreshLook Dimensions beautiful aqua-color provides bright eyes, a more pronounced and dramatic look. These colored lenses will enhance (bright eyes) or change the color discreet (dark eyes), and brings the eyes more character with a dark iris ring.

Many three-colored lenses are only available without strength. Colored contact lenses offers a dramatic change in eye color – even in the dark eyes, a significant change can be seen. Color Nova provides a naturally dramatic look through the darkness of the iris ring and the golden transition between the pupil and the lens due to the color. These lenses are to be worn in one month before changing.

The various lens types described below are selected in order to change the eyes color. How much change will be, individually and depend on your own natural eye color.

What lights you are in, also plays a crucial role in the outcome. Strong sunshine intensifies and underlines the desired color, while a darker lighting in a disco will reduce the effect.

It is difficult to change the color of light eyes and make them even brighter. Dark eyes contrast can be a part brighter with the right type of lenses.

Tip 1:
If you have blue, gray or green eyes, and would like to have brown eyes, choose Colorblends Brown. (The other brown lentils, Colorblends Honey or Pure Hazel Colorblends, may particularly if you have blue eyes, resulting in a yellowish hue or leads to the result absent.

Tip 2:
If you have brown eyes, you can use Radiance Sunrise and Autumn. If you have green eyes, you can use Radiance Eden.
If you have blue or gray eyes, you can use Radiance Moonlight.

Tip 3:
If you have blue, gray or green eyes, you can use all Dimensions lenses. If you have brown eyes, you can use Dimension Sea Green and possibly Dimension Caribbean.

Crazy Lenses
Crazy lenses are great for raising awareness. Choose from nine different models: the Devil, Cat Eye, Fire, Blood Red, Black Spiral, Red Spiral, Basic White, Black Wolf and Basic Black. We believe that these lenses are the best Crazy lenses on the market. All lenses are monthly lenses.

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