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Dikesinachi Eluobi

High Chief Dr. Sandra Duru-Eluobi, the high society socialite, political and business amazon has been delivered of a bouncing baby boy.

The Boy, who has been named Dikesinachi which translates to “The Mighty Man From God” was born in faraway United States of America where Dr Sandra Duru has been for the past few months.
Baby Dikesinachi was born in West Springfield, Massachusetts, United States.

Dr. Sandra Duru is the Founder and CEO of Pre-Adult Affairs Organisation (PAAO), a UN recognised NGO dedicated to enthroning positive changes in the survival conditions of pre-adults in Nigeria and else where in the developing world.

Chief Sandra Chidinma Duru, the founder and Executive Director of PAAO, developed a strong passion for enlightening less privileged in the country in relation to issues of self management, reproductive health and rights issues in her teenage years. As she grew from one stage of knowledge and understanding to another, education for proper mental and physical health development, and also for proper life planning, women and youth empowerment made her list of passionate interests.

PAAO is particularly committed to making profound contributions to the improvement of the health status of Nigerian women and to the economic empowerment of young Nigerians.


Dr. Sandra Duru has been in the United States Of America as part of preparations for her latest project: The Unity and Peace project 2016-2020 also known as The UP Project.

According to organisers, The Unity and Peace Project 2016-2020 is categorized into three Phases:

1). Brain-Match Challenge:

This is the phase of the project where participants will compete in either book writing, short movie/film production or music production using the same theme : Nigeria Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow – The Nigeria of our Dreams.

2). International Peaceful Coexistence Conference:
This will hold in over 4 countries across the world with the theme: Peaceful Coexistence in Nigeria- The role of the government and the citizens.

The carefully selected winners from each category (book writing, short film production and music production from the Brain Match Challenge) will attend the Conference outside Nigeria, and all expenses paid for by PAAO to enable our future leaders/generation participate in the future planning and building.

3). Unity and Peace Football tournament : Football as we know is more than just kicking a ball; football can contribute towards restoring a positive atmosphere and positive energy especially in a rancorous environment.

PAAO is therefore exploiting the unifying Power of the game to curb election violence as well as ethnic, religious and political intolerance amongst Nigerian Youths. This tournament is organized once every 4 years its aim is to foster unity, peace and tolerance amongst Nigerian youth no matter their religious affiliation, ethnic origins, or political leanings. The UP Project Audio-Visual Presentation can be found here.

Given her drive, passion and zeal for PAAO, it is not a surprise that Sandra Duru was able to juggle her pregnancy with high profile movements to interface with foreign NGOs and other global players to support and buy into the UP Project 2016-2020.

Chief Sandra Duru is also a member of The United States Of Women, a US based NGO and is committed to “Using Her Voice To Stand Up For Her Community”.

The United State of Women Profile Pledge

She is also the MD/CEO of the following companies:


Chief Duru is a board member and the African Region president of an American based institution, NOBBLEAFRIQ.

chief sandra duru

Chief Sandra Duru

Chief Sandra Duru is married to International footballer, model and Nollywood actor Emmanuel Ebuka Eluobi.

The proud father is filled with joy at the news of the safe delivery of his son and is said to be planning a grand welcome home party for mother and child.

IMG-20150922-WA001 (2)

Emmanuel Ebuka Eluobi

Feminine Feelings will be on hand to bring you the exclusives once it happens.

Congrats to mother and child.

More photos of Dikesinachi below:

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